When siblings play

Tonight we put 2 very sweaty, very happy little sisters to bed. They had played all night just chasing, catching, tickling and giggling, both physically til they were falling over themselves, and online in a Minecraft world that Lauren created. In her world she had built a hotel with an ice-skating rink on the roof, and a jail with a big J on the roof. They were making each other laugh at their funny antics.

It was a wonderful sound and a magical place to be a part of 🙂

Lauren and her balloons

Lauren is damn cartoon.

The other day she handed me a balloon and a pump and commanded “Can you blow this and tie it up for me please?” Then she walks away into my room.

I pump up while chatting with Megan and Jordan who were sitting around the dining table. I must’ve been distracted cos the darn thing burst in my hand. We break into shocked giggles.

From the room we hear “I knew it!” and out walks Lauren all smug. “I knew it THAT’S WHY I went into the room!”


She hands me another one and I notice that this batch of balloons are lousy thin and small shaped. I pump more carefully this time. Again she steps into the room. I’m done and it’s tied. I call her “Lauren?”

“Lauren? Lauren!!”
“I’m done. Your balloon.”

She finally walks out, pleased with the balloon I blew – with earplugs on.


Lauren and her balloons

Lauren is cartoon.

I’m done! Your balloon!

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