This year I start a new schedule of Mummy Taxi. Which mean sending and fetching all 4 kids from 4 different schools. As Pammy exclaimed, how on earth did I escape this duty when she’s been mummy taxi since her kids started school? School bus, m’dear. It’s convenient, fast and we don’t have to cut short whatever we’re doing just to make it somewhere on time. This year though, we want to try and save on bus fare and will see how this pans out for us.

On Monday, I paid 80c in ERP. Few remarks like what kind of car only pay 80c? and you ride motorcycle or what? sure ornot 80c? Whateva. This is ECP to exit at Rochor Rd to get home. Tuesday I paid 50c in ERP. Better still. Via Nicoll Highway down Bt Timah Rd. Today, Megan started at 9am. Blady $2.50 for ERP on Nicoll Highway!! Ack!

I’ve since gone and done my homework and will not pay more than 50c ERP everyday. Here’s the website that will help you do that too.

P.S. Of course I know that if we leave earlier I don’t pay ERP. But whatfor? Unless my kids wanna be in school early. Otherwise, we’d rather spend our time in bed for a few extra minutes. Ok I’D rather not have to wake up. Meep.

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