Bedtime stories with Daddy

Lego Segway

I made a Lego Segway before, but this one is better cos it has handlebars for the Legoman and a cool decoration on the front. I also changed the hat so that he is wearing a helmet. For safety.

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Lego TV

Welcome to Lego TV.
Here are your hosts holding their microphones.

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Lauren’s Lego Band

Introducing Lauren’s Lego band – HOT ROCKS!!

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Setting Jordan’s plug for drip

You see which vein they chose to set the plug!? The one over the knuckle of the index finger. Go on, look at your knuckles.

No wonder he feels it’s painful. But I don’t envy them. Jordan’s hand is so cushy, vein hunting is very hard. Even to take a small vial of blood takes a lot of squeezing from that small vein. Poor baby 🙁

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