Lauren’s Chinese Song

Here’s a song that she was singing about 2-3 months ago. I can make out ‘Qing Wa’ which means frog, the rest I’m not so sure.

Stuff I’d like to write and tell you about but just haven’t got around to it

– Tasmin’s 8th birthday and party

-Lauren’s 4th birthday and party

-Tasmin losing her silver tooth

-This current nasty flu bug that comes with 3-4 days of high fever

-Megan’s scholarship

-Megan’s open house and theatre learning experiences in school

-Jordan’s 2 falls and the big bruise on his foot

-Yuki and her adventures

-My Forex course with Joe on Sentosa

-Joe’s podcast at

I hope to get inspired to blog properly soon. I miss your comments.

In the meantime, if you’re on Twitter, follow me – Auntyadele. Twitter also automatically updates my Facebook status. If you’re on Facebook, I’m Adele Augustin.

I tweet more than I facebook. And I facebook more than I blog.

Here’s us at Joe’s birthday. Before or after the kiss, I dunno.

Oh. Right. Okay.

My 3 year old is so funny lah. I love hearing her talk.

L: I’m gonna eat in the car..
M: WHAT? (Cos no one is allowed to eat in the car.)
L: Joking only lah. (Cos she knows.)
M: What did you say? I didn’t hear.
L: I’m gonna eat in the ca-ar…
L: Joking only lah!
M: ….
But it’s not funny!
L: It is what!
M: But you’re not allowed to what.
L: Oh. Right.


The source of my title “Piercing man, piercing..”

It’s from a Stan Freeberg recording called “Banana Boat (Day-O)” where the relak-one-corner bongo player tells the singer off because of, well, you just listen lah. Nothing to watch don’t worry.