Taking my 5 year old to the dentist

Lauren had a bad fall on Monday afternoon.  She was coming down the stairs and fell forward, the brunt of her injuries on her upper 2 teeth and lips.

She was a sorry sight – swollen upper lip, swollen eyes from crying, gums bleeding.  She looked like a penguin the poor thing.

She was ok, because we gave her Neurofen for the pain, and ice to try and bring down the swelling.  But she wouldn’t let us touch her mouth or her teeth.  Very diplomatic and polite about it, but it was always, “No, don’t do that” or “No thanks it’s ok now”.

I finally got a good look at her mouth on Tuesday and found her teeth a bit shaky.  We couldn’t bring her in straightaway because, ahem we had tickets to Tears For Fears.  Besides, she wasn’t in any more pain, she was eating her porridge, she was talking normally… And I’d waited 20+ years for Tears For Fears leh…

She also developed her own way of spooning porridge into her mouth without touching her 2 front teeth.  It’s like shovelling food and it’s so annoying cos she doesn’t close her lips over the spoon.  Makes for messy eating, but I’m glad her appetite is still ok.

So I took her to KK A&E on Wednesday afternoon after school.  Just a quick consult and got a referral to National Dental Centre (NDC) on Thursday morning 8.30am.

Now it’s worth going to A&E or polyclinic for a referral.  You pay cheaper subsidized rates.  If we’d had gone straight to NDC ourselves, they will see her and charge us full rate.  If it’s a one-off visit it’s fine.  But it’s worth incurring the A&E charge of $85 to make sure that you are not considered a private patient for all procedures from there on out.  Else it’ll just be one big hefty bill at the end.  And it’s not easy to downgrade once you’re accepted as a private patient in the system.  You’d have to be discharged and let it lapse for a year before you can start through the A&E/polyclinic route again.

The dentist was SO GOOD with her.  But he scolded me A LOT.  He was all “Come here darling, oh you’re doing soo well! I’m gonna do this and that with this tool and that, see how it tickles?” and to me it was “Mummy that’s too MANY sweets – Mummy what is this, it’s NOT cheese ah, it’s plaque – Mummy she’s too young, you HAVE to brush her teeth for her”

S’all good.

Lauren has 2 shaky front milk teeth and her permanent teeth look like they aren’t affected.  She’ll have to be on a soft diet for a week.  And we’re going back again in a month because dentist discovered a cavity he needs to fill.  Alamak.

Kids watch. Kids learn.

Recently I was invited to bring along my family to Go Go Bambini to take part in a mini gathering of parents who blog, organized by Health Promotion Board.

It was a very interesting exercise that showed that kids watch and learn what is acceptable.  And that parents were a strong influence on kids’ smoking behaviours.

“A study by researchers at Dartmouth College revealed that children with parents who smoked were 4 times more likely to purchase cigarettes, as compared to children with non-smoker parents.

The findings, acquired through a role play scenario involving a miniature
grocery store, suggest that children are highly attentive to their parents’ smoking habits, and are more likely to regard smoking as appropriate and normal behaviour in social settings, thus resulting in a higher likelihood of them picking up the habit later on in life.”

We had our own mini “supermarket” and the kids were invited to pretend to be us, shopping for the family and for themselves. Most food groups were represented like veggies and fruit, milk and bread, sweeties and snacks and cigarettes and alcohol. The idea behind it was that kids do what we do and not what we say, so they wanted to see which kid would pick up the cigarettes.

Here’s what each of my children “bought”.

Jordan shopped like daddy. He got coffee, coke and chocolates.  Those cans aren’t the only coffee he got. Got plenty of 3-in-1 as well. And apples.  And I suspect the vegs cos we’re quite insistent we all eat our greens at every meal.  He giggled when I balked at the amount of coffee & coke he got.

Tasmin shopped most like someone buying for the house.  Bread, maggie mee, juice.  She bought things that would make us proud of her. She was showing off how she had so much veggies that Lauren felt a bit left out and wanted to go buy more even after it was over. And Tas exclaimed that she bought “all the healthy stuff” and only a few snacks and sweets.

Lauren bought the least.  She hung back and watched a lot.  She was the one I thought might pick up the cigarettes. Not because we smoked but because they were a curiousity. I watched as she stopped in front of them and spent a little time just staring at the neatly lined boxes. Then she proceeded to buy snacks, sweets, coke and nuts.

I held up the coke and asked her, “Coke for you?” She looked at me with those brown eyes and said,”You.  You drink that right?” “Yes I do.” “And these nuts?  Are they for me or you?” “Sometimes you eat that right?” “Haha yes I do, thank you.”

For me, it was fun to remember that our kids are watching what we do and say.  They picked up that we drink too much coke and snacked on too much junk.  Anti-coke campaign anyone? Pun funny, but not intended.


Jordan had a cool dream last night. The gist of it:

It was some kind of Gameshow. My buzzer had cactus around the button. And I was blindfolded.
The answers were really OBVIOUS, but I couldn’t answer cos I kept getting poked.

Lauren also shared a nightmare she had a few nights ago:
There was a water lift, right? And there was an octopus. And everytime I wanna press the button it will like catch me.

I think there was more to it. Let me ask her again.

Lauren’s Chinese Song

Here’s a song that she was singing about 2-3 months ago. I can make out ‘Qing Wa’ which means frog, the rest I’m not so sure.

We’re taking good care of Jordan

Everyone’s so tickled to take these photos 🙂

He’s not in pain.
He’s actually walking around fine, we’ve pasted a rubber mat on the sole of his cast so that it’s not slippery.
He puts his cast into Joe’s size 12 sandal when he goes out so that he doesn’t get it dirty when he comes back home.
He’s been to Mama’s house and back. Church and back. Someone’s birthday party and back.
But he has 14 days MC, and so is taking advantage of it tomorrow.
He sees the Dr for a review on Friday.

Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone! Please pray that this fracture won’t affect his walking in the future.