Mother’s Day 2009

My Mother’s Day haul this year. It’s so sweet that all 4 went out of their way to each make something or present something to me.

Tasmin made me a card, as well as a towel Bunny. Which explains why she was asking me what my favourite animal was. “Dog.” “But do you also like rabbits?” “Yeeaahh..?” “OK.”

Joe got me flowers the day before. Just because. And it wasn’t my Mother’s Day gift cos he was already in cahoots with Megan to get me something shiny.

Lauren’s present was made by her classmates cos she missed school all of last week. Nice that her teacher made sure she had something for me. I would’ve thought she was young enough to forget, but her teacher said that since they had discussed it beforehand and in case my Lauren remembered, better make sure she had hers as well.

Megan went shopping for me. She at first couldn’t decide between a Charles & Keith bag or this. She got me earrings and a necklace from Chomel. And almost pechar lobang about the surprise for me. Almost.

You can hear how the planning for my gift went between Joe & Megan on Joe’s podcast on

Edited to add:
Oh oh oh, it’s complete!  I got gifts from ALL 4 monkeys!  Jordan just presented me with something he’d been working on all weekend.  A complicated origami star.


Stuff I’d like to write and tell you about but just haven’t got around to it

– Tasmin’s 8th birthday and party

-Lauren’s 4th birthday and party

-Tasmin losing her silver tooth

-This current nasty flu bug that comes with 3-4 days of high fever

-Megan’s scholarship

-Megan’s open house and theatre learning experiences in school

-Jordan’s 2 falls and the big bruise on his foot

-Yuki and her adventures

-My Forex course with Joe on Sentosa

-Joe’s podcast at

I hope to get inspired to blog properly soon. I miss your comments.

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I tweet more than I facebook. And I facebook more than I blog.

Here’s us at Joe’s birthday. Before or after the kiss, I dunno.

PSLE Starting

Please send along some prayers and good vibes for Megan and her friends who are taking their PSLE starting tomorrow til Thursday.

Yup, definitely exam fever in the Augustin house.  All the game consoles are out, we’re taking turns on the F1 race track tonight, and Megan got to miss tuition this afternoon cos she wanted to ‘rest’ for tomorrow.

Yup.  This is how bochup parents we are.

Piercing man, piercing

Last night, Tricia and I took our daughters for Avril Lavigne. I felt quite old and a little embarrassed that I made more noise than my daughter when Avril was on stage. Although she was the one that knew the words to every single song while I just whooped loudly, and yeahed a lot. Yes, great decision to bring her and money well-spent.

There was a small incident when Megan’s flourescent yellow lightstick broke in her hand while she was waving it about and she sprayed both Trish and Gail. Read Trish’s account:

I felt something spatter against my arm. I turned and discovered that not just my arm, but Gail’s hair, our seats, and Megan’s jacket, were emitting a surreal phosphorescent glow. I looked around indignantly, wondering which idiot had emptied his light stick on us. The two teenage girls behind me were scared enough by my accusing stare to meekly offer me tissues. But then Megan realised it was her light stick that had leaked. Her hands were like Lady Macbeth’s, but in garish fluorescent yellow. Adele broke out the tissue paper, but I upped her by producing wet wipes. Win.

Read Tricia’s account here.

It was funny to see car upon car full of angmoh tween girls and their one adult lady chaperone/driver. And the screaming was piercing man, piercing.