Stuff I’d like to write and tell you about but just haven’t got around to it

– Tasmin’s 8th birthday and party

-Lauren’s 4th birthday and party

-Tasmin losing her silver tooth

-This current nasty flu bug that comes with 3-4 days of high fever

-Megan’s scholarship

-Megan’s open house and theatre learning experiences in school

-Jordan’s 2 falls and the big bruise on his foot

-Yuki and her adventures

-My Forex course with Joe on Sentosa

-Joe’s podcast at

I hope to get inspired to blog properly soon. I miss your comments.

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I tweet more than I facebook. And I facebook more than I blog.

Here’s us at Joe’s birthday. Before or after the kiss, I dunno.

Breakfast in bed(room)

A breakfast picnic in the room. Special circumstances in case you think we’re so weird like that.
Joe & Shareen are busy recording their podcast in the other room and we all need to be quiet. Best I can do is to keep them occupied in a room as far away as possible. Pretend our house has a West Wing lah.
Ok brekkie almost done. I think TV would make a good quiet babysitter after this.

BlogOut ’09

Anyone going for BlogOut ’09? Would you like to? Joe’s emceeing, so if you are, we’ll see you there!


Celebrated Lantern Festival with our neighbours, who made lots of food (there was satay being fan-cooked ok) and brought all manner of glowing things for the kids to play. The kampung spirit here is very strong and everyone knows everyone. Embarrassingly, we cannot remember names or floors, so lucky we’re good pretending like we do.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Lightstick necklace (which I almost kept for Tricia) and sparklers. 2.Jordan’s Whale-y. 3.Tasmin’s Rabbit and kor-kor’s Whale-y. 4.This held Lauren’s attention for all of 5 mins. After that it was, can you hold for me I wanna go play? Tsk.

Oh. Right. Okay.

My 3 year old is so funny lah. I love hearing her talk.

L: I’m gonna eat in the car..
M: WHAT? (Cos no one is allowed to eat in the car.)
L: Joking only lah. (Cos she knows.)
M: What did you say? I didn’t hear.
L: I’m gonna eat in the ca-ar…
L: Joking only lah!
M: ….
But it’s not funny!
L: It is what!
M: But you’re not allowed to what.
L: Oh. Right.