Ninja Kitty wants to play

Ninja Kitty came to live with us because I saw that amizadai was looking to rehome a small, skinny, sweet & affectionate kitty that they found starving. I thought we’d start by fostering it for a week to see how our family would react.

I was worried. Megan had severe allergies the last time she visited the SPCA. Even before she left the place, there was a rash forming around her eyes, and sneezing. When she got home, her face was covered in big red blotches. Joe too, will sneeze around pets. Since then we were very careful around animals. Which was a pity cos we all love them very much.

Then I saw this link. She’s sweet and affectionate. How not to think about her and think hard if we were ready for a pet? So we gave it a week. It’s been almost 3 months.

The kids LOVE her. Everyday, whenever anyone comes home from school, they wash up, and visit her. She’s like royalty. The allergies have not flared up at all, and so she’s allowed in more places in the house.

She’s fiesty, and naughty. She bites, which I hate, but I think she’s learning not to push her luck.

But oh is she cute. She will patiently be carried all over the house by my enthusiastic 4 year old, and will look for the lap of my oldest to climb on. Joe has talked about her several times on his podcast at She suffers from Dogism. She will come when called and keep to heel when we walk around the house. She’s such a loud motorboat.

We’ve decided that her birthday is Valentine’s Day.
We’ve named her Yuki, which means ‘snow’ in Japanese. Funny right??

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