June School Holiday programs

It’s a week and a half into the school holidays and we’ve done a lot!

~ I attended Robert Allen’s seminar over the first weekend and left the kids to Joe
~ Tasmin went on a playdate to celebrate a friend’s birthday at her house
~ Tas also went for a short day church camp to prepare for her first Communion
~ Sunday we were at Petrina Kow’s place to celebrate her son’s birthday, who incidently is classmates with Lauren
~ Monday we rested after that exhausting chock-a-block weekend
~ Tuesday Megan took part in the Math Olympiad representing her school SOTA, Jordan went for a Math and Science camp which was a total farce and waste of time and money (another story) and had an appointment at NUH for his regular quarterly checkup and weigh-in.
~ Wednesday Joe taughted his Voice Mastery course while I took Jordan for his physical therapy, while my parents took Tasmin and Lauren ice-skating
~ Thursday we went to One Degree Fifteen and visited the Pangaea Yacht and learnt about all the awesome environmental and conservation work they are doing with Youth around the world. We’re proud to have 2 awesome Singapore Youth representatives that have just come back from land expeditions with Mike Horn this year.
~ Friday we went to Science Centre for the Pixar exhibition. That was inspiring. Jordan had to fast overnight for his blood test early next morning.
~ Saturday quick visit back at NUH for Jordan’s blood test. They couldn’t find a vein on his arm and had to resort to taking blood from the top of his hand around the knuckles. Two pricks. Ouch. Walked the Helix Bridge at night at Marina Sands. Nice meh? So crowded I don’t like.
~ Sunday was Tasmin’s First Holy Communion. She woke up early so we could curl her hair. She had a specific look she was going for and she looked gorgeous in her white dress and band of leaves and flowers in her hair.
~ Mon, Tues, Wed was morning Chinese class time for Tasmin.
~ Tues & Wed Jordan went for AWWA day camp. He enjoyed himself cos one of the activities was shopping for ingredients within a budget to cook lunch for themselves. They made pizza.
~ Yesterday we went to the beach at Sentosa and lunch at RWS.

And here we are today, halfway through the month. Phew!

On Sunday, Tasmin checks into Supercamp. We are super excited about that. Megan and Jordan went for Supercamp 2 years ago and they still look back very fondly at their experience. It’s helped them both become very confident and secure kids, and helped them with their school work. They have skills to get along with people, to rise above challenges, and to take responsibility for their words and actions. I’m so proud of these kids. And I can’t wait for Tasmin to experience the same.

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