Brokering for Charity

Joe is involved with this today.

BGC Charity Day 2008

BGC will hold its 4th Annual Global Charity Day on Thursday 11th September.

Consistent with its theme, “Working Globally. Giving Locally”, BGC’s offices around the world will raise money for charity as we commemorate September 11 by reaching out to help others.

In New York, London, Paris, Sydney and Hong Kong, celebrities from the worlds of music, stage, screen and sport will join our brokers to help raise money for a number of selected charities.  All of our global revenues generated from the day’s trading will be donated to charity.

Today’s local celebrities include:

EPSN Presenters:
·         Mr Steve Dawson
·         Ms Paula Malai Ali
MediaCorp Artistes:
·         Ms Aileen Tan
·         Ms Cassandra See
·         Ms Constance Song

Hmm.. and Joe Augustin, celebrity at large.  Hurhur.

And I copied the following paragraph wholesale off Joe’s morningjam website, cos I lazy to type…

$10 Million – that’s how much he is going handle today…for charity. Joe will be trading that kind of amount, minumum today to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, because today is 9/11 and the company, BGC, had lost 600 staff during the tragedy in New York in 2001. So every year on Sept 11th, each BCG office around the world will do this charity gig. We wish Joe all the best because ten million is…A LOT OF MONEY LOR!!!

Along with that, he’s doing work for HBO today!  Hurrah!  It’s so funny that he’s actually nervous.

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