About Me

Being the first among my friends to get married and have children, I became an Aunty pretty quickly.

I’m married to Joe Augustin, the radio guy. We have 4 kids.

Megan is 13 and went from RGPS (GEP) to having the time of her life in Singapore’s first School Of The Arts (SOTA). She won a full scholarship and her artform is Theatre. Please contact us if you have any questions about SOTA as a student, or as a parent.

Jordan is 10 and in Pri 4. He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Everyday we pray for a cure for his disease, and look for ways to help the people who are funding the research for a cure. It’ll happen in our lifetime to save him so we gotta move fast.

Tasmin is a graceful 8 yr old with lots of stories to tell. She’s the artist and creative in our family. I will scan more of her wonderful cartoons and drawings and stories to share.

Lauren is our gregarious 4 yr old. We’re finding more and more that she rules the house and decides most of our activities, especially what to watch on TV (Playhouse Disney).

Joe is currently podcasting a daily show with lots of funny stories and points of view and I personally think it’s waaayy better to download this podcast and have it replace whatever chatter there is on Singapore radio.
He is also a professional emcee and voiceover, you can find him online at various places:
The Shareen & Joe Podcast – http://morningjam.com
Joe’s emcee and voiceover services – http://joeaugustin.com
Joe’s blog – http://radiojoe.com
On Twitter – JoeAugustin
On Facebook – Joe Augustin
email – joe{at}radiojoe.com

And here are my contacts:
To see our photos and videos, look for Auntyadele at Picasa, Flickr and YouTube.
On Twitter – Auntyadele
On Facebook – Adele Augustin
My email is auntyadele{at}gmail.com

Let us know how we can help you.