Out of the 4 kids, Lauren is the most exuberant and confident of the lot. She loves saying hello to strangers, and gives them a snub when they don’t notice her.

Tasmin loves to share stuff. She likes it when she makes people smile and she’s always very sensitive to other people. She’s as strong as an ox and pretty too. We want this one to do a bit of modelling so she can earn some pocket money.

Jordan is still Mr Laidback. He doesn’t have any real preferences and is interested in whatever the other person is doing/reading/playing at the moment. He loves his 2 little sisters, and shows it by being in their faces as much as possible, much to their mild irritation.

Megan is smart. And tall. And pretty cool for her age. She’s the most level-headed of us all, yes including the adults. She is so mature and so fun to have around. She’s the one that made having kids look cool and fun and no sweat at all. In other words, she’s false advertising cos you don’t get it as good as her.