Jordan’s camp at Serimbun

Jordan is at camp at Serimbun and it’s about as far as you can get without falling into the water.

It’s a camp organized by AWWA, the organization who handles his therapies. He’s been on a couple annual camps before with them so although it’s ulu and doesn’t look at all equipped to handle wheelchairs (muddy lumpy field, no paths, stairs), the volunteers and staff are enthusiastic and confident and I trust he’ll have a great time.

What’s special this year is they’ve asked to invite buddies instead of just siblings, and he’s there with a classmate Joel. Joel thinks he’s there to look after Jordan but it’s more a bonding activity, and a chance for Joel to just be with Jordan and not just have to help him for a change. I think that’s so cool.

And to think he was in tears last night cos he was worried about going away for the weekend and not having enough time to finish all his homework. I guess he may have been feeling challenged about camp. He wanted to bail and I’m glad we didn’t let him.